Reasons Why You Should Not Ship Your Car With Personal Items Packed Into It

Many people looking to ship their car from one point to another, using a car shipping service, also tend to be interested in knowing whether they can pack some of their personal stuff in there as well. By packing personal stuff in the car, you get to save on hiring a moving truck to ferry it separately.

However, the simple and short answer to this regularly asked question is no. The main reason for this is that the car shipping company is only allowed to ferry vehicles and not personal items; furthermore the car shipping cost only covers the car’s weight.

There are various reasons why you should not ship your personal items in your car during transportation as discussed below.

Legal Guidelines

The first reason why you should not ship your car with personal items in it is that it’s against the law. According to guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation, car shipping companies are explicitly prohibited from shipping cars packed with personal items. Car shipping companies may be fined thousands of dollars in accordance with the law when found ferrying cars filled with personal items.

It is worth mentioning that in case the shipping truck weight is found to be over the expected limit when weighed at a weigh station, department of Transportation officers have the right to search each car and examine the contents therein.

Note that any personal items found may be dumped to get the truck weight down to the required limit.

Insurance Concerns

Another reason why you should not pack your personal belongings into a car to be transported comes in the form of insurance cover. Car transportation companies carry insurance for the cars being transported, excluding any contents therein.

The car shipping company such as Nationwide Auto Transportation will be responsible for your car from the moment you hand over the keys to the moment it’s delivered to the stated destination. This means that in case any personal items get lost or damaged during the trip, the transporter’s insurance will not compensate you for personal loss.

Keeping Within The Required Load Weight Limits

As initially stated, the weight of the car being transported is highly important when it comes to car shipping services. This is why most carriers will even specify that cars have no more than a quarter tank full of gas. Even if the company shipping your car agrees to transport some personal items packed in your car, you run the risk of losing them during a weigh station inspection.

As you can see from the above, packing personal items in a car meant to be transported is not recommended. However, in case you do feel like you have to transport some items this way, be sure to keep them as light as possible. Furthermore, their value should be minimal given the high risk of loss faced. Some of the items to consider here include pillows, maps, tissues and car chargers.

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