BnB Intior Design, Importance of Decorative Lighting

Traveling can be fun and a way to get away from the mundane demands of life. Many enjoy staying at a bed and breakfast when they travel. If you are planning on setting up a bed and breakfast, it is important to choose the right furniture, decoration and lighting. Some suggest buying furniture that will appeal to the majority of people and that means furniture that is good-looking but durable.

The bedroom is important!

The look and function of a bedroom for a BB is most important. Most bed and breakfast owners use twin beds instead of doubles. They do this because the beds can be separated or pushed together to meet the customer's needs. Another idea is a guest bed. It looks like a single bed but a second single mattress and bedstead is underneath. What makes this an attractive feature is that it can be pulled out and up to form a double bed. Some bed and breakfasts feature their furniture if it is antique in design. However, if you advertise this way, you also need to have antique furniture and the furniture should be in good shape. One way to do this is to buy well-made reproductions. bedroom lighting can set the atmosphere of your BB.

Cheap mattresses can harm your reputation

There is one area you should never be cheap and that is purchasing second rate mattresses. A hard mattress can kill off your reputation. Because a BB relies on referrals and repeat business, that could terminate your business. Travelers are looking for a good night's sleep they can be brutal when it comes to referring a poorly maintained business.

Interior Lighting for a BB is important

Interior lighting for a BB should be quality in nature so that guests and employees can see and get around safely however, lighting should also be controllable so that the mood inside can be adjusted to their needs. On stairwells and in corridors push-button time controlled switches work well and can save a lot of energy. In the bedroom, dimmer switches allow guests to control their lighting needs however, in lounges light levels should be adequate but not bright. Lounging areas should be low to medium most guests like to eat and converse in areas that have a private look. Be sure that your bathroom areas have adequate light over the bath and shower area and also around the basin.

Outdoor areas should be safe and secure

Outdoor lighting is important for a BB. Driveways, paths and other access areas should be well lit. An efficient way to do this is to install movement activated security light. They turn themselves off when no one is moving about and they save energy.

To conclude, traveling can be great fun and a way to get away from the mundane demands of life. If you are planning on setting up a bed and breakfast, be wise and choose the right furniture, decoration and lighting that will fit the style and ambiance of your BB.